I am Emily Miles, an artist based in south Wales. As an artist my focus for painting and drawing is landscapes. When contemplating subject matter for my work I desire to seek out secluded landscapes or find different perspectives of well-known places to fully represent the natural, unspoilt beauty of Wales. When painting, I endeavour to portray a tranquil, peaceful scene. I can become absorbed in the atmosphere of the environment I am painting which helps my own mental health. Painting such scenes makes me more mindful of my own emotions, it gives me the opportunity to express them and provides me with a way to focus on helping me to control them. I would like people to be able to imagine and immerse themselves in the landscapes I paint and fully appreciate the mood or atmosphere that I portray. Hopefully the viewer will be able to note and pick up on how I felt when I was physically in that landscape and how I felt when I painted it.

I primarily work with oil paints on canvas. I prefer using this surface as there is a bounce back when applying the brush onto the canvas, there is a give to the support when applying the paint. I also like the way the canvas absorbs the paint, as opposed to sitting on top of a harder base after application like with a wooden board. I prefer to use larger square brushes when painting to create more energetic mark-marking and build up texture on my canvas, this is most effective when capturing bright, vibrant skies and textures in the landscape. This makes the process of my painting overall more enjoyable, I can have fun with the paint and express my creativity in a looser, more unfettered approach. When recreating skies I really enjoy experimenting with vibrant colours and capturing sunsets.

I have always been creative, my motivation and enthusiasm push me every day to be the best version of myself, and this is extremely beneficial when I create art.

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